Q.Why do I need this report?

A.If you ever had questions like
"What is going on in my YouTube Channel?", "How are my competitor channels doing?", "How did this channel get so much traffic?"
then you need the MediaWarrior Channel Report.

Q.What do I get in the report?

A. You get a detailed analyis of each video in the channel, as well as the activity analysis. It shows you posting trends and how it correlates with the viewer traffic.
The report is generated by our software algorithms. Apart from that we do a manual analysis to make sense of all the statistics to give you a manually written summary.

Q.How long does it take?

A. We generally deliver a report within 24 hours, though the actual report only takes a couple of hours to generate. We take time to go over the data, cross-check it and then write our report summary. Most of the times, your report should be available within a few hours. For channels having thousands of videos, the time taken to analyse becomes longer and can stretch up to 48 hours.

Q.How long is the report preserved?

A.All Channal reports are preserved indefinitely from the date of purchase so you can access it forever.

Q.How do I choose the report based on the number of videos?

A. If you are not sure about how many videos a channel has, you can paste the Channel link or a video link from that channel in the Mediawarrior Homepage and you will get the exact number of videos in that channel.

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Report Delivery
Small Channel Report
Channels with 1-500 videos
24 hours
Medium Channel Report
Channels with 500-2,000 videos
24 hours
Large Channel Report
Channels with 2,000-5,000 videos
48 hours
Huge Channel Report
Channels with 5,000-10,000 videos
72 hours
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